Individual Psychotherapy

Dr. Rojas works with adults of all ages who are finding difficulty navigating life’s daily stressors. Dr. Rojas helps clients identify the sources of what may leave them feeling unfulfilled. Through a collaborative process, clients feel empowered to reflect on patterns of behavior and enact change in their lives. Dr. Rojas' clinical style is integrative and tailored to each client's specific needs. Overall, her work is largely influenced by psychodynamic theory as well as methods including cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques.

Corporate & Creative Professionals

With almost a decade of experience working in the corporate world, Dr. Rojas is able to seamlessly integrate corporate insights and psychological acumen. Dr. Rojas works with leaders of various industries to address concerns regarding performance enhancement, leadership development, and work/life balance. She particularly enjoys working with young adults navigating career transitions and busy professionals experiencing symptoms of anxiety and burn-out. Dr. Rojas' unique combination of professional experience in and in-depth psychological expertise makes her treatment precise yet comprehensive.


Relationship Difficulties & Life Transitions

Dr. Rojas regularly contributes to publications on topics pertaining to relationship issues: Ways to improve communication, foster independence, and create support within partnerships. She also works with clients to improve self-esteem and strengthen boundaries within interpersonal relationships. Dr. Rojas particularly enjoys working with young adults navigating transitional stressors and adults of all ages experiencing family conflict and interpersonal difficulties.

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