Erica G. Rojas, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Rojas is a licensed psychologist with a decade of experience spanning clinical, forensic, and corporate settings. Her clinical experience includes community mental health settings, acute psychiatric hospitals, correctional facilities, and law enforcement. Having spent years in the financial services industry prior to becoming a psychologist, Dr. Rojas maintains a specialty focus working with professionals and corporate leaders of various industries.

Dr. Rojas also has extensive experience in psychological testing and forensic assessment, having completed forensic evaluations across the Criminal and Family Court systems. She has also been qualified as an expert witness within New York, Queens, and Kings County Courts and has provided expert testimony in a variety of capacities.  Dr. Rojas also has experience in completing pre-employment evaluations for law enforcement and public safety, and is able to leverage research-based assessment methodology to inform clinical diagnosis, clarify psychiatric issues, and evaluate risk for violence.

Dr. Rojas earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Delaware and her doctoral degree from Teachers College, Columbia University’s Department of Clinical and Counseling Psychology.  She completed her pre-doctoral psychology residency at Rutgers/University Correctional Healthcare where she held clinical rotations within the University of Medicine and Dentistry and New Jersey Department of Corrections. Dr. Rojas has also held academic appointments as an adjunct professor and has been involved in numerous national conference presentations, symposiums, workshops, and professional publications in the areas of personality assessment, forensic psychology, and conflict resolution.

Dr. Rojas is licensed in the state of New York (022750).

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